Improving Patient Outcomes

Improving Patient Outcomes

Through Intelligent and Intuitive Clinician Support 

Increase quality of care, enhance health outcomes, reduce errors and adverse events, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and boost provider and patient satisfaction.

“Clinical decision support systems are poised to become the user interface of choice for clinical interactions with health IT, ultimately supplanting the electronic health record system as the primary health IT point of interface for clinicians”

- Frost & Sullivan "U.S. Clinical Decision Support Systems Market, Forecast to 2024"


Clinician Support has Evolved

In the past, clinicians had to make decisions based on their individual experience, knowledge and skill. Many clinicians encounter patients with conditions they are not fully equipped to handle due to lack of experience or up-to-date knowledge. This can result in physicians making wrong decisions for patient treatment because of their lack of access to all relevant practices and guidelines.

Clinical Decision Solutions offers a truly transformational approach that will improve the quality and help contain the cost of healthcare. It is poised to become the disruptive, new face of healthcare IT.

CDS is a primary care, interactive, clinical decision support system designed to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of most common medical conditions, globally. The software is intuitive and time-saving for physicians and other care providers.

Key benefits include reduced data-entry times for doctors, enhanced doctor-patient interactions, increased diagnostic accuracy, and commonality of treatment.

With CDS, physicians now have the most current information and knowledge at their fingertips, enabling best practice diagnostics and the best recorded treatment for any given patient condition.



Misdiagnosis Rate in the U.S. (Mayo Clinic report)



Emergency Room Misdiagnosis Rate



Misdiagnosis Rate for Top 5% Most Expensive Claims



BILLION Wasted Annually on Unnecessary Services


Thousand DEATHS Per Year Due to Misdiagnosis

Been a while since you've screened for Spinal Stenosis?

We've got you covered.

A next generation CDSS requires computable biomedical knowledge, person-specific data, and a reasoning mechanism that combines knowledge and data to generate and present helpful information to clinicians as care is being delivered. This information must be filtered, organized and presented in a way that supports the current workflow, allowing the clinician to make an informed decision quickly and take action.  CDS is redefining Clnician Support.

We're Learning, Too

Our Clinical Pathway Engine "learns" from past outcomes and dynamically adjusts diagnostic and treatment recommendations.

We Read a LOT

Peer-reviewed, evidence-based, patient-specific clinical recommendations available in real-time and updated monthly.

Been a While?

Context aware inline text and video tutorials with clinician guidance on the most current evidence-based patient care are at your fingertips.

Less Looking Down

More "face time" and less FaceTime. Our system is optimized for the fewest clicks possible, so you're connecting with your patient, not your device.

“The clinical decision support systems market is forecast to grow from $3.79 billion in 2018 to $6.4 billion in 2024

- Frost & Sullivan "U.S. Clinical Decision Support Systems Market, Forecast to 2024"

Our Leadership Team

Dr. Michael M. Best, MD
Duane Ray
John Beran
Glen Schweikert
Dr. Michael M. Best, MD

Dr. Michael M. Best, MD

Founder and Chief Medical Officer


An accomplished Orthopedic Hand and Spine Surgeon and sought-after public speaker and educator, Dr. Best is licensed to practice medicine in Indiana and Kentucky, and is a provider licensed by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.  


Current positions also include University of Louisville School of Medicine Instructor, Orthopedic Surgery (1982 to present), and International Academy of Independent Medical Evaluators (IAIME) Committee Case Reviewer (2001 to present).


Education and residencies include University of Louisville (MD Degree), General Surgery at Boston City Hospital, General and Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, and Specialty Training in Hand Surgery through Louisville Hand Surgery Associates.

Duane Ray
John Beran
Glen Schweikert

“The trend towards more regulatory oversight and the adoption of new information technology will further drive the need for clinical decision support.”

- Mike Jude, Digital Health Research Manager at Frost & Sullivan

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